Josh’s birthday was last weekend and we celebrated all weekend long! I gave him 26 things that he loves as his gift. I was keeping tracking of all the things he was asking for/talking about over the past few months and made a list to get for his birthday. So here is it! 26 things that Josh loves, in the order of when I gave them to him (not in order of his love for it)
1. Dominos pizza (Josh’s favorite and the perfect way to kick off the weekend)
2. IBC root beer (there is nothing more than Josh likes with pizza than root beer)
3. Jumanji (his love for movies and he especially loves this movie)
4. Ice cream
5. Fluffy white towel (he’s always wanted a fancy towel like a nice hotel)
6. A pair of shoes
7. Skateboarding (he doesn’t go very often but we went and tried out the new park)
8. Coupon (these were for Josh specific things)
9. Beef jerky stick
10. Cute pineapple decoration (he loves pineapples and anything tropical)
11. Coupon
12. Skittles and Starburst
13. Soap dispenser (this one was so funny because he was so excited for a soap dispenser)
14. Words of affirmation
15. Me (haha)
16. Sushi Go (for his love for games and we especially love this game)
17. Coupon
18. Frisbee golf
19. Pickles
20. Our favorite caramels
21. Shirt
22. Coupon
23. The cutest binocular decoration that says Adventures Awaits (for his love of adventure and travel)
24. Zebra Cakes
25. French toast candle
26. My lips (had to end on a good one)
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