About Our Family


Hi, I'm Aja and this is my husband Josh. We love to create. A typical weekend for us would consist of us finding beautiful locations and shooting as many photos as we can. We stay busy with our 2 year old son Ezra and his crazy personality. Our family is our most prized possession. We love to travel, explore and create memories. Photography has been our passion since we were both kids and we love that we get to share our talents with others every time we go out and shoot.

The Photographers


Interesting Facts

• About Josh

I grew up in Highland Utah and was passionate about skateboarding, wakeboarding, and snowboarding. I have always loved cameras and taking photos and videos so I have plenty of blackmail of me as a kid. My favorite ice cream is pistachio almond or rocky road. My bucket list consists of learning the piano and surfing the wave pool in Waco Texas. Traveling and taking photos is now my biggest passion.

• About Aja

I have loved photos and videos since I was little. I'm passionate about traveling to new places and have visited 49 states and hoping to cross Alaska off my list soon. I spend my days playing with our 2 year old son Ezra and taking lots of photos and videos. I'm a lover of chocolate and all desserts. I'm terrified of heights. I'm a bit of a dreamer and optimist.