We went on a day trip to Raleigh a few weekends ago and had a blast!! We made a little video of our favorite spots and now I’ll share a little bit more with my readers!

I told Josh I wanted to see the big globe outside of the science museum and when we turned the corner Josh said “whoa! That is huge!! You way underplayed that!!” haha so it is definitely worth seeing! I actually love the museum too (and it’s free!) so I highly recommend visiting if you have some time.

The museum of art is another fun stop! They have lots of great outside sculptures and I’m a serious sucker for sculpture gardens! This is also free and has some inside exhibits you can see, some of the exhibits inside cost money. We played outside and Ezra loved running from sculpture to sculpture. I seriously would visit a sculpture garden weekly if we had one closer to us.

Sarah P. Duke gardens are technically in Durham, not Raleigh, but they are about half an hour away from Raleigh and definitely worth the visit. It was on the way for us and I told Josh I wanted to stop simply because of the giant stick people (check out my video if you don’t know what I’m talking about) The park is giant with so many different sections to see, we didn’t even have time to walk through them all! We promised ourselves we were going to come back some weekend because it is seriously gorgeous.

We also ate at The Pitt (bbq place) which is supposedly world famous. It was super delicious and a ton of food! We shared the pulled pork plate and it comes with 2 sides. We got a side of fries and a side of sweet potato fries (we really like our fries!) It was only $10 and definitely enough for both of us. They also give you biscuits and hushpuppies while you wait for your food. We highly recommend it!

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