Josh and I love to travel and we’ve been able to visit a lot of fun places together. People can be a little judgmental about traveling though. We’ve had questions about how we travel so much and how much we spend on traveling. This is common for a lot of people. The other day my friend said someone asked her if they make lots of money because they travel so much. A little nosey but people feel like they can ask stuff like that all the time because they assume if you are traveling you are either rich or bad with your money.
I’m not saying I know everything about traveling. And I know a billion people post their tips and tricks so you might not learn anything new. But we get lots of questions and comments so let’s chat about things we do personally to help make traveling a little cheaper.
-Find cheap flights. It’s possible to find cheap flights. We flew to San Juan for under $130 each. Frontier has really cheap flights if you are willing to only take a personal item. We are definitely willing to compromise on bags and airplane food if the tickets are cheap! We are flying to Seattle in October because we found amazing tickets. Crazy amazing actually since it’s a non-stop Delta flight from the other side of the country. We use a couple different ways to track flights. Google flights is a great one. Hopper is a good app to use that helps track and see prices. I’ve also signed up for a couple email lists and my favorites are Scott’s Cheap Flights and Pomelo Travel. Both of those are free subscriptions and they have some great deals.
-We don’t spend all our money to stay at the fanciest place. We love staying with people we know! It’s so fun getting a more local experience and catching up with whoever we are visiting! We know someone in almost every state. We are missing a few states, like Alaska…so if you live there, let’s be friends and we will visit you! We stay with friends in a lot of the places we visit. And if we don’t have friends there, we usually use Airbnb. Most of you know what that is so I won’t go into details. We also use and find cheap hotels to stay in if it’s just going to be a night or two. If you use it enough you can even earn free nights.
-We are picky about what we do while visiting. Most of the stuff we see and do is free. There are some things we decide is worth paying for but most of it is free stuff or very cheap. There are so many amazing free things to see that you really don’t need to be paying lots of money when you are visiting new places.
-Eating out can be a huge budget crusher so we usually share. I love eating out while traveling because I love trying new places but we have to be careful to not spend all our money on food so we usually end up sharing and we don’t splurge on food too often.
-Road trip! We love road trips! If it’s within 10 hours (sometimes more) we will drive there! It is almost always cheaper to drive somewhere if you have the time!
-Budget! Budget for when you are traveling and how much to spend and start saving early! We have a travel fund that we put money in to weekly. I have a couple ways of making income and I split them between our normal bank account and our travel fund. It’s so fun watching our travel fund grow and planning where we want to go next!
What tips and tricks do you use to travel??
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