My parents were nice enough to offer to watch Ezra so that Josh and I could go on a vacation, so we went to San Juan, Puerto Rico! We were there for 5 days and it was amazing!
The first day we walked to Old San Juan. It was a 4 mile walk and we ended up walking over 10 miles that first day but it was worth it because the island is all so beautiful! We went to Senor Palleta, an amazing popsicle place in Old San Juan. Word of advice, eat your popsicle fast! It’s so hot there that the popsicles start melting instantly. The ground around the benches are all stained from popsicle drippings haha! Josh got pistachio (weirdo) and I got chocolate brownie. We explored both of the forts there and spent hours walking around the cute downtown. Castillo San Felipe del Morro has a huge grass area in front of it that is filled with people flying kites. It is so fun! It was so windy that we actually saw two kites break off the strings and fly away ha!
The next day was our water day and we started off with paddle boarding andddd WE SAW A MANATEE!! It was seriously the greatest day. We knew that if we went to San Juan Paddle Boarding we would have a good chance of seeing a manatee based off of a bunch of reviews online. And we did and it was super amazing. We spent the whole time looking for the manatee and swear we kept seeing it but only to realize it was just the shadow of a cloud haha. Then we finally did see it and it came up above water a few times and it was amazing. See if you can spot it in our video!! After that we went snorkeling and it was a little scary because it was super windy and I’m not the best swimmer. We stayed in the cove though and saw a bunch of pretty fish!
We got some yummy tacos from Kabana’s when we were there and on Taco Tuesday they are only $2 and definitely worth it! They were so good that we almost went back and ate there again. We ended up eating Domino’s twice because it was right next to our Airbnb and it always smelled so good after a long day of adventuring! No regrets there. We’d pick up a pizza and go home and eat it while watching Grey’s Anatomy, the perfect way to end the night!
The rest of our days were filled with the beach, exploring more of Old San Juan and relaxing. It really was an amazing vacation and we are so happy that we went! We would definitely go again in a heart beat!

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